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Frank and Lea

“It was once said that the most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of one human being with whom one relationship has a growing depth, a growing beauty and a growing joy. “

Angel and Marleen – Everything I wanted

The time has come when you will marry your best friend. You’ve waited all your life for this moment and it’s finally here. The excitement and anticipation is beyond real.

Watch as our groom awaits her lovely bride. Never seen so much anticipation from a groom as this one.

We had a privilege of capturing this amazing day, of two wonderful people. Angel, works as a EMT. While Marleen is a nurse. They both met each other back in high school. Never seen such excitement, energy and anticipation from the groom. Sit back, relax, and enjoy, Angel and Marleen’s Next day edit.

James and Kim || A love that will last a lifetime….

Kim and James was such a delight to work with. During this busy special day, I remember one of the bridesmaids ask me a question? Why do you this? – I answered, I simply love what I do, filming couple at one of the happiest time in their life, is just priceless. Anyway, while I may not be good in words(in terms of story telling), I tried to tell the story thru video. So please, sit back and relax as we watch James and Kim’s special day. Enjoy. Cheers. Congrats to our beloved, James and Kim.

Bob and Lidia

We had the opportunity to be a part of this sweet couples wedding. Bob and Lidia had known each other since elementary school. Lidia is sassy, while Bob is more reserved. However, they are also goofy and laughs when they are together. They both love to travel / explore new places and try new foods.

Review from the couple:
Selecting RLmedia was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Anyone can string some pictures together or even put moving pictures against music. However, RL can use voice-over, fancy gadgets, and has a plan on what he wants to capture so it brings a tear to anyone’s eye. Everyone else in this category charges well over $5000, so Ron is a STEAL. Plus he’s super humble and really really really dedicated to his craft. RL signs all of his communications with a sentence about how humble and honored he is to work with us. However, after we got our short clip, we know that we are the ones that should feel honored to have Ron & team for our wedding.